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We’re off to the FARM! Grab your wellies and let’s go out and meet some friendly farm animals.
There’s a cow, a duck and a pig who can’t wait to say hello, and we’ll see lots of other animals in the farmyard too!
It’s time to get creative..
Are you ready? E I E I O, let’s go!

Receive all the supplies you need to complete “Oink! Quack! Moo!” crafts. Full-colour step-by-step instructions are included. All you may need to add is water.

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Our boxes are designed for kids aged 3 to 9, so you may have two kids within this age range. You can purchase a box for each of your children (adjust the “Quantity” box), or you can select the “Add a Sibling” option. This ensures that there are enough supplies in the box for two children to share happily. (For example, each child might receive his/her own canvas and paint brush, but share a paint set).

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