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We are off on a JUNGLE ADVENTURE!
There’ll be all sorts of creatures to marvel at – from funny frogs, to ssslithering sssnakes, beautiful butterflies and crazy crocs!
Watch your step – you don’t want to fall into the sticky swamp slime. Eww!
Pack your gear and let’s head out explorers!
Are you ready? It’s adventure time!

Receive all the supplies you need to complete the “Jungle Fever” crafts. Full-colour step-by-step instructions are included. All you may need to add is water.

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Our boxes are designed for kids aged 3 to 9, so you may have two kids within this age range. You can purchase a box for each of your children (adjust the “Quantity” box), or you can select the “Add a Sibling” option. This ensures that there are enough supplies in the box for two children to share happily. (For example, each child might receive his/her own canvas and paint brush, but share a paint set).

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